Poetry – how to write a quatrain

A cinquain has five lines and a quatrain has four lines.  The only other rule for a quatrain is that it must rhyme. The pattern of rhyming is up to you.

Here is a simple example of a quatrain with an abab rhyme scheme:


King Cole rules the hall

The kids all run in fear

He shouts at them all

Whenever he gets near.


Other possible rhyme schemes include aabbabcb, and abba.  You are not limited to just these rhyme schemes. You can be as creative with your rhyme pattern as you want.

Try some of your own and post them in comments.

34 thoughts on “Poetry – how to write a quatrain

  1. There was a guy called Shaggy Beard
    Who was so crazy and weird
    He wanted to marry a 12 year old
    When he is so ugly and cold

  2. The boy stood in the hall
    Trying to find his ball
    He couldn’t find even though he tried
    So he sat down and started to cry

  3. There was a dude called Paul Nam,
    Who liked to eat chinese Dim sum.
    When someone asked why,
    He said” Go die!”

  4. There once was a peasant named Jane,
    who was thrown down the sewers,
    her skirt went down the drain,
    and her thumb went to the baker’s.

  5. Birdy was engaged to Shaggy Beard.
    He died with no warning,
    No one was mourning,
    And Birdy got out of the marriage she feared.

  6. Writing a limerick is hard,
    But once you know it’s fine.
    However, if you’re off guard,
    The lines will not shine

  7. Birdy, running away from the future,
    she thinks her life was in torture.
    She couldn’t stand it anymore,
    and wanted to escape even more.

  8. there once was an overemotional guy
    who’s only solution for problems is to cry
    he sadly decided to go to a shrink.
    and now instead of crying he drinks.

  9. There was a guy who was odd,
    In the bus he always played COD.
    When he got busted by bus monitor,
    She somehow got stabbed by a crusader.

  10. I’m a dino hear me roar,
    I jump up and down in the store.
    Whenever the owner comes to kick me out,
    I always run away and call him a trout.

  11. A scared convict escaped from jail
    And many police were on his tail.
    He was so frightened by the law
    He killed himself with a chainsaw.

  12. There once was a guy
    Who loved to lie
    One day he got caught
    And in detention he fought

    After the fall of Rome
    People forgot their way home
    Not only that but everything else to
    All they remembered is cows go Moo

  13. The Rome Empire was really mean,
    People shout, “How mean they had been”.
    The Rome Empire said, “Kill them, hit them, and wipe them out”,
    People cried and run without doubt.

  14. Fear can affect you
    when people make you do something you don’t want to
    because you worry what they might say
    so you follow their own malicious way

  15. The king is the top lord
    Barons make the rules
    Knights fights with swords
    Peasants farm with the their tools

  16. There was once a girl called Catherine
    But people called her Birdy
    She loved to get dirty
    To look scary for the suture

  17. There once was a girl in the Middle Ages,
    Who liked to keep her birds in cages,
    She was betrothed to a hairy, fat pig,
    So to avoid it, she disguised herself with a wig

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