Feudal Narrative

Feudalism writing assignment

Now you know about Feudalism and the social hierarchy in Medieval Europe.   What was life like for the people themselves?  How did the lives of peasants differ from nobles?  You will learn about the daily life of one of the social classes and write a narrative from the perspective of a person living in the Middle Ages.

Online Feudalism activity. Go to the following website, choose a guide or character you want to learn more about. Learn about what their life was like in the Middle Ages. Write a first-person account of daily life for them. Make up a name, use some appropriate Old English vocabulary, develop a voice and describe your life for us. Feel free to give yourself a family and describe them as well. Have fun with it.

www.PHSchool.comPicture 5

Web Code: lgd-8501

What: Write a narrative in 1st person – about 1 page typed

When: Rough draft due Friday 1/29/10

Final copy due Tuesday 2/2/10

*Post your finished feudal narrative to your blog*

Examples of Feudal Narratives

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