Monday 9/21/09 – Editing

Sorry I’ll miss today as I explore fun options for a 7th grade field trip.  Be good, have a great day editing your fantastic personal narratives.  Red and White classes today should do the following:

1.) Progress Reports – Receive your  progress report and have a parent/guardian sign it, then return it to me.

2.) Vocab HW – Check your vocabulary homework with your 1 O’Clock Buddy. If you disagree on something, try to figure it out on your own. If you still disagree, ask another group. You will have 15 minutes to check.

3.) Editing – Get your stories ready. You need to have 4 different people in class read your essay. Each reader will check for a different thing (Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization). Use the Editing section in the WriteSource books on pages 125-128 to help you. Be sure that your paper gets edited for all four areas.

4.) Essay Title – be sure to have a creative title for your personal narrative. Ask your partners for suggestions.

5.) personal-narrative-rubric – You are now almost done with the writing process! Before you finish, though, please look at the rubric in the link. (You can click it to make it larger.) I will use that very rubric to assess your personal narrative. You should use it to self-assess and think about how your narrative will score. If there is anything you can see that needs improvement, change it. This is your last chance to make any changes.

6. Publishing – You will have the chance to print during ELO tomorrow, and I will be collecting narratives on Wednesday in Humanities.

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