Vocabulary Lesson 16 – Appearances

chic – adjective – The fashion model looked very chic in the latest fashions.

debonair – adjective – James Bond always looks debonair in his expensive, tailored suits.

disheveled – adjective – Wearing a disheveled outfit to a job interview is usually a guarantee that you won’t get the job.

dowdy – adjective – The old woman’s clothes were so dowdy that I assumed they came from some cobweb-filled attic.

drab – adjective – Drab, olive-green material is often used by the army.

garb – noun – When the astronaut retired he had to turn in his space suit, helmet, and any other garb he had acquired over the years.

ostentatious – adjective – Even though Tony was worth millions, he was notostentatious; he never showed off his wealth.

rumple – verb – Leaving your clothes all over your room can rumple them and create tons of wrinkles.

unsightly – adjective – Use bleach to remove unsightly stains from white shirts.

veneer – noun – Although it looked nice, the desk was just cheap material covered with a fancy veneer.

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