Presentation rubric

Your persuasive presentation will be assessed according to the rubric below.

Rubric Score _________ x 4 =    ____________/20 (TEST GRADE)



5 – Extremely professional, neat and organized.  My proposal is very easy to follow and eye catching.

-The papers are very neat and collated in an order that enhances the proposal.

-The proposal is colorful, important points stand out, quality images of the proposed artwork and site are included and labeled.

-The cover page is vivid and clever.

-The 5 parts of the proposal are very easy to find and navigate.

– The Essay is properly formatted with a heading, title and double spaced throughout.

3 – Professional, but not too neat or organized.  My proposal is put together, but not easy to follow. 

-The papers are somewhat neat and sort of organized. (No wrinkles)

-The proposal is somewhat colorful and some important points are highlighted.   An image of the proposed artwork and site are included but may be low quality or not labeled.

-The cover page is present, but plain.

-The 4 papers are present, but not easy to navigate.

– The Essay is formatted but incorrectly in its heading, title or not fully double spaced.

1 – Not a very professional proposal.  The papers may be disorganized or missing.  This proposal will have a tough time attaining approval.

-The papers are not organized, and may be wrinkled.

-The proposal is plain and important points are lost or missing.  Images of the proposed artwork and site are not included.

-The cover is sloppy or missing.

-The 4 papers are disheveled or missing

– The Essay is not formatted correctly.


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