Persuasive Essay Headings and Guidelines

 Click here to see an example of what the first page of your essay should look like.  Another example is seen below.

What you need to include when turning in yourpersuasive essay:

  1. Essay (must include proper heading and must be double spaced – see guidelines in link above)
  2. Graphic Organizer(your pre-writing print-out)
  3. Rubric (with marks and comments from 3 other students)
  4. Photo page at the end that shows your proposed artwork and proposed location
  5. MyAccess printout of your scored essay
  6. Professional plastic-covered sleeve (provided by Mr. Cole)

2 thoughts on “Persuasive Essay Headings and Guidelines

  1. Hi Mr.Cole,

    I know Duke Ellington, but I never knew he wrote orchestral suites! That’s cool, and I’ll look at more of his music in the future.

    And I’m pretty certain I know where that essay is, so thankfully, it isn’t lost!


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