Renaissance Art Project

7th Grade Multi-Discipline Renaissance Art Project

You have been commissioned to collaborate and create a painting to beautify our middle school with a famous Renaissance art work. You will work in groups of 4. Your group must choose where your painting should be displayed, what painting you will re-create, and how much you should be paid. Also, submit a plan of action (how will you finish the project by the deadline). Each group member should submit a unique proposal.

Due Dates:

Persuasive Essay – Wednesday April 29th (100 pt. Test grade)

Graphic Organizer – turn in with your essay (20 pt. HW grade)

Displayed Art Work – Friday May 8th

Graphic Organizers – Use one of these graphic organizers to help organize your thoughts! (The first five apply to us.)

Choose one of the graphic organizers and use it to organize your thoughts and arguments for your essay. Your graphic organizer must be turned in with your essay and will be graded as a 20 homework grade.

Renaissance Art Project writeup

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