Unequal Resource Simulation

unequal-resource-simulation-7th-grade-humanities-001.jpg Students gained hands-on knowledge of the real world in Humanities. After studying the 5 themes of Geography, they looked at how resources are unevenly distributed around the world. Leaders must make due, negotiate, trade, and make deals to fulfill the needs of their people.

Concepts /Generalizations:

1. Interconnectedness – Because of their interconnectedness, all countries have a responsibility to cooperate in solving environmental, energy, political and other problems to maintain peace.

2. Change – All people are part of a global system in which a change in one part may affect other parts

3. Cross-Cultural Communication – When a resource is critical to the welfare of a nation, hostilities may develop between or among nations resulting in a breaking down of communications and perhaps serious confrontation.

Rich discussion follows the simulation as students make connections to current issues that are affecting the world today.

Debriefing Questions

Connections/Big Ideas


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