Be the Bamboo

You never know when a comment or thought will turn into inspiration.  Check out Hannah’s poem inspired by a reference in class one day.  She captures a subtleness and paints a vivid picture.  A great metaphor for life.  Fantastic job Hannah!

Be the Bamboo 

There stands one tree,

Worn-out, stiff and stubborn,

Who stood so obstinately,

When along came a breeze


There next to the old tree,

Stands another but a bamboo tree,

Flexible and willing,

When along comes a breeze


The old tree survives yet another year,

Waving his creaky branches triumphantly.

But then along comes a typhoon,

Who survives and who dies?


The Bamboo, resilient and strong,

Resides to refuge,

But alas, old tree,

Too proud and arrogant,

Stays through the storm


When the typhoon comes to an end,

The Bamboo emerges, happy and well,

But the old tree, where is he?

All bark, branches, roots, and leaves?


Gone, Gone with the wind,

Blown away and gone.


So in the end,

One must realize;


Be the Bamboo,

Not the old tree,

Who stood so stubbornly,

When along came a breeze.

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