Your Research Paper’s Format

Due Date on Project: Thurs./Fri. for 5% bonus

MONDAY is FINAL Due Date – You will receive a ZERO (0 points) if your Paper is not turned in by Monday!!!!!!!

What should your Curren Conflict Research Paper look like? Take a look at this great link to give you the specifics on how to write your paper using the MLA style.

Your Research Paper’s Format

Here is a sample research paper that shows all the elements and how they are used including the works cited page.  Here’s another Sample Research Paper with notes.

Don’t forget:

  • ALL of your research needs to be written on Note Pages and well documented.
  • Paraphrase most of the research (put it in your words), but you still must cite the source! Plagiarism will earn you an F on your paper!
  • Use key quotes from experts and important people and include their name at the end of the quote and cite the source fully in the Works Cited Page.

Research Project Rubric

Presentation: All students are expected to make a presentation of their project on Tues. or Wed. of next week. See link below for details.
Current Conflict Presentation

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