Critical and Creative Thinking – The Outsiders

The GreasersOk, here is your final assignment for the Outsiders. Take your knowledge and learning from the novel and apply it.

Due: Thursday/Friday (4/24 or 4/25 – H,I or J)

Choose one of the following:

  1. You are Ponyboy’s English teacher. What is the next assignment you will give Pony? Why? What would you hope he would learn from completing the assignment?
  2. Dally makes a choice when he robs the store and shows the police he has a gun. What if he had not been killed? How could the ending of the novel be changed? Re-write the ending.
  3. You are a newspaper reporter for the local newspaper. Write an account of the church fire. Tell who was involved, what happened, when it happened, where it occurred, and why the boys/delinquents could be called heroes.
  4. Explain how either Johnny or Ponyboy change during the course of the novel. Be sure to site examples.
  5. Write an article for the local paper about the role gangs play in a community or in society. Be sure to support your opinion with examples and research.

Prewriting: Generate ideas to help plan your paper. Think about the Organization of your paper. How will you answer the questions? How many paragraphs should you have? Write a sentence or a question that will help you focus on each paragraph. You will need to complete and turn in a pre-writing paper showing how you brainstormed and organized your paper. How will you transition from one paragraph to the next ?

  1. Paragraph 1:
  2. Paragraph 2:
  3. Paragraph 3:
  4. Paragraph 4:
  5. Paragraph 5:

Editing Suggestions:

  • Have I clearly explained my answer to the question?
  • Have I given specific details?
  • Do all my paragraphs related to the topic?
  • Have I included enough details or examples to make my ideas clear?
  • Are my ideas well organized?
  • Do I have an introduction and conclusion?
  • Are my sentences clear and complete?
  • Have I chosen the best words to express my ideas?
  • Are my spelling, capitalization, grammar and punctuation correct?

Writing Rubric

Due: Thursday/Friday (4/24 or 4/25 – H,I or J)

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