Story Elements

Story ElementsHere are the 7 main Story Elements that can be found in most literature.  Knowing these things about a book can help you become more familiar with it and give you  a sense of the big ideas, themes and issues in the writing.  Use the Story Elements from the handout to create a Story Map that puts the Elements in a more visual form.

Story Elements:

  • Plot – What happens in the beginning, middle, and end of the story?
  • Setting – When and Where the story takes place?
  • Character(s) – Who or what is the story about?
  • Theme – What is the underlying message of the story? (ex. love, friendship)
  • Conflict – What are the problems faced in the story?
  • Solution – How are the problems solved?
  • Mood – How does the author make the reader feel?

Click here for a copy of a STORY MAP

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