What’s Next to Explore?

What’s left to Explore?


Look into the future and what’s left to explore?  How are modern day explorers influenced by explorers of the past?  What lessons have we learned from the past explorers that can help us with modern day discoveries?  Should the ethics of new discoveries be discussed before exploration takes place?  Should some areas of exploration be “off limits?”  Who should decide that?   How will new discoveries help to create a New Renaissance?   What might be the world’s NEXT big Renaissance?  Describe.

  • Space (worth the cost?)
  • oceans (who owns them?)
  • arctic
  • nanotechnology (possible sinister uses)
  • health/human body (ethics?)
    • cloning (ethics)
    • gene therapy (ethics)
    • stem cell research (ethics)
  • environment
    • wind energy (aesthetics)
    • hydro-electric (environmental impact)
  • artificial intelligence (impact on human race)
  • resources from moon or mars
  • sustainability

Pros and Cons.  Create a T-chart to show pros and cons of your topic.  Work with your clock buddy to  build up a list of pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages) of your topic. You will be writing persuasively to try and convince your audience that your opinion is valid.

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