Renaissance TEST – Mon./Tues.

Our study of the European Renaissance comes to a conclusion this week. We will be reviewing everything we’ve discussed and learned so far in preparation for a TEST on Monday/Tuesday of next week.

Monday 3/10 (class H and I) ; Tuesday 3/11 (class J)

One half of the TEST questions will be from the Renaissance Videos (The Renaissance for Students) we watched in class and discussed. Half of the Test questions will come from these video questions. Review them by clicking a link below:

  1. Everyday Life in the Renaissance
  2. A History of the Renaissance
  3. Renaissance Trade, Travel and Exploration
  4. Renaissance Science and Invention

Test Review / Homework:  You need to write 10 multiple choice questions about the Renaissance using the video questions and book questions as your sources.  Post these 10 questions on your blog, then go to 3 other student blogs and answer their questions by leaving answers in the comments.

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