Dragon Keeper is here


As part of our ELO focus 7th grade students will be reading DragonKeeper. Time will be given in ELO to read and complete activities. All assignments will be graded and included in your Humanities grade.
For the next two weeks, January 18 – February 1, we are going to dedicate our entire time in ELO to the reading of the novel, Dragonkeeper, by Carole Wilkinson. We will be exploring the novel in detail and doing work that supports and builds understanding. If you don’t finish reading the book before the Chinese New Year holiday, you’ll be expected to finish reading it during Chinese New Year Holiday.

Packet Due Date has changed! 

All work for the novel will be collected on Friday, February 22nd.

Work Packet = 50 pt. HW grade

** There will be a culmination writing assignment worth a 50 pt. TEST grade. You will be given a prompt about the book and expected to write an in-class essay about it. This will also be in preparation for the ERB which will be coming up in the Spring.

Note: Carol Wilkinson will be visiting SAS Pudong after the Chinese New Year!

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