Amazing Eloquent Ballads

Everyday we work till we’re tired,

Even when we don’t get paid,

We don’t understand why we were hired,

Our jobs vary from cook to maid.

That stanza is from Helena’s Ballad From Peasant to King.  She does a fantastic job of capturing the life of peasants to kings in her descriptive and lyrical ballad.  She describes life in the feudal system and the interaction of each of the levels of the feudal pyramid, like when she says, “We lords are generous to all our knights, We do many jobs such as helping the king.”  Read the rest of her great ballad here.

Wow!  You have really blown me away with the quality of your ballads grade 7.  So many vivid descriptions on a variety of themes from the Middle Ages.  Major themes included the Plaque, Kings, Knights, the Feudal System, Catherine Called Birdy, and the Crusades.  Your creativity is fantastic.

  1. Next step is to post your Ballad on your Blog.  
  2. Then you need to read 3 of your classmate’s ballads and make 3 posts on your blog commenting on those ballads.  Use constructive criticism, but also include a quote from their ballad in your comment.  Create a link to each of the ballads so that readers of your blog can then link to the student’s blog who wrote the ballad.  You’ll increase the traffic to both of your sites that way.

Have fun and enjoy each other’s ballads.  Keep your comments positive and constructive.

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