New Reading Program kickoff!

Read, read and keep reading. 7th grade Humanities is kicking off a major reading program. Pick up a good book and enjoy. At least 30 minutes every day is the goal, but make it enjoyable. You should be reading roughly one book every 3 weeks.

Once a week, by Friday, you need to answer three questions about your book and post those answers on your student blog.

Here is the list of questions you may choose from……..Blogging guidelines
By Friday of each week a new entry is required on your blog relating to the book you are reading. You must choose 3 new questions for each blog entry. You are more than welcome to write as many times in a week as you like, however the minimum is one per week.

Please put your full name, Date, and Humanities class, and the title of the book you are reviewing when posting to your Blog.

Enjoy, Mr. Cole

One thought on “New Reading Program kickoff!

  1. Blog Questions Book: Artemas Fowl and the Lost Colony

    What do you think will happen next?

    I think that Artemis-the fourteen year old main character- and his body guard Butler will run into some trouble trying to break into the millionaire’s mansion. I think that there will be a big conflict with being caught and having to be bailed out by there friend Holly. After this I think that all of them will have to come up with a new plan to break into the mansion.

    My favorite character is……because…….

    My favorite character is Butler. He appeals to me because he is a body guard. This makes him interesting to me because like most twelve year old boys I like violence and action which Butler gets a lot of. Mostly, I like his sense of style. A black suit, mirrored glasses, topped off with a shaven head.

    If I was the author I would change…………

    If I was the author I would change the amount of scientific conversation Artemis talks about with the other characters. Even though I always understand the point and meaning of what he is saying, it always takes me about fifteen minutes to understand one page. Other than this I would not changing anything because I think that the author did a perfect job of writing this book.

    Billy Lomason Period I Mr. Cole’s Humanities

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